How Brandi Cyrus Is Fusing Her Country Roots Into DJing Ahead of Landmark EDC Performance

Sometimes the stars align just right. For Brandi Cyrus, her constellation is the DJ booth.

Stepping into the booth felt like a natural evolution, but not right away. Cyrus spent her early twenties as part of an electropop band, with whom she learned a lot about the nuances of electronic dance music production. Following a hiatus from the band, she found herself drawn to the fashion world as she began frequenting LA parties, often attending events featuring female DJs.

That sparked an immediate and incendiary passion within, so she began learning how to spin. Today, she’s been DJing for six years and even landed an official 2024 residency at Wynn Las Vegas.

Now she’s preparing for her another triumph in Sin City, her debut performance at the iconic EDC Las Vegas, one of the biggest and most popular music festivals in the nation. As the vibrant neon lights of EDC beckon, we caught up with her to chat about the watershed moment in her career and her appreciation of dance music.

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Country-influenced EDM, colloquially dubbed “YeeDM,” is experiencing an undeniable surge in popularity. Diplo is leading the charge at Stagecoach, where his curated HonkyTonk Dance Hall stage featured Marshmello and The Chainsmokers this year. Insomniac Events, the organizer of EDC Las Vegas, is now unveiling a Wild West-themed dancing hub on the festival’s grounds called “YeeDC Saloon.”

That’s where Cyrus will perform. With country music deeply woven into the fabric of her upbringing—thanks in part to her father, Billy Ray Cyrus—she finds solace in its nostalgic melodies and heartfelt lyrics.

Despite her foray into dance music, Cyrus doesn’t limit herself to just one genre, instead blending diverse sounds and styles to deliver a dynamic experience for all.

“You can always expect to hear a little bit of everything,” Cyrus tells in a Zoom interview.

From timeless classics by Whitney Houston to the emotive melodies of Tim McGraw, her genre-bending sets promise a thrilling fusion of familiar favorites and unexpected delights.

“I always call it one big dance party,” she gushes. “I want everyone to have fun. I want the energy to be high and I’m just looking to have a good time.”

Brandi Cyrus.

Jessica Amerson

Cyrus is now eager to immerse herself in the magical energy of EDC Las Vegas for the very first time. Beyond the festival’s pulsating beats and larger-than-life ambiance, what truly resonates with her is the sense of kinship and inclusivity within the dance music community.

“I think my favorite thing about it is just how much of a family it feels like,” she explains. “The dance music community really is so loving and so welcoming and loves to discover new artists and new music. I think that’s such a cool thing that you don’t see all the time.”

From fans to fellow artists, Cyrus says everyone has welcomed her with open arms. Through countless shows and festivals, she’s learned invaluable lessons, including the importance of three essentials for surviving the weekend: comfortable shoes, staying hydrated and having a good crew by her side.

She’s also learned to prioritize self-care. When she needs to recharge from the breakneck speed of life on the road, she seeks solace by returning to her home just outside of Nashville to reset. Surrounded by nature as well as her horses and a few dogs, she’s able to replenish her soul when she feels depleted.

“It’s important to unplug and make sure I’m taking care of me,” Cyrus says. “At the end of the day if I’m depleted, I can’t go out and give my energy to everybody the way I want to when I play.”

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As her career continues to soar, Cyrus is already looking ahead to her next projects. Currently, she’s hard at work producing her own music at the intersection of country and EDM. While she’s keeping the details under wraps for now, she hints at exciting collaborations with fellow country artists and promises to tease the tracks during her DJ sets.

“If you come to my sets, you’ll hear some of it,” she says. “So if I see you at EDC, I’m sure I’ll play it for you.”

Cyrus’ upcoming EDC debut has all the makings of a can’t-miss experience. While she may be a newcomer to the festival’s cosmic grounds, she’s arriving with the energy that encapsulates the community and togetherness at its heart.

You can catch Cyrus at EDC Las Vegas on Sunday night at the “YeeDC Saloon” from 1:30am to 2:45am.

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